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Eurico Gonçalves

Eurico Gonçalves, beyond a thinker and a creator, is also a devoted supporter of the Art Biennial of Cerveira since its foundation.
Looking back, we cannot forget to honor who was a real “auctioneer” of Biennial across the country, and to whom we owe much for its care and promotion of all the activities that took place in Cerveira, even beyond the biennials of art.
Moreover, it has a work that marks a time of transformation of Portuguese society, due to its coherence, its originality and its references to Eastern wisdom as an intimate reflection point on the true cultural and universal values which underpin the name “homo sapiens”.
This honor is no more than a thank you to the enormous contribution from Eurico Gonçalves to the people from Vila Nova de Cerveira (Village of Cerveira), to support and promote the Biennial of Cerveira during all these years of its existence.

Henrique Silva, Artistic Director


| The Tribute exhibition can be seen at the Cerveira Castle |