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Marta Moura Limite II

Marta Moura, Limite II, Acrylic on Canvas

The Biennial of Cerveira Foundation privileges the following guiding values:

a) Cooperation – by participating in networks and at the creation of synergies, so as to warrant a loyal and trustworthy relationship with the different stakeholders.

b) Creativity – a common trait present at both an artistically level and a level of entrepreneurship.

c) Efficiency – in the use of public and private resources, privileging a cost and efficiency, and quality management.

d) Excellence – by representing an important and acknowledged event for the community at an economic, social and cultural level.

e) Experience – in promoting contemporary art for over thirty years.

f) Innovation – through a pioneering attitude in the artistic creation and services.

g) Notoriety – resulting from an image and reputation built during three decades.

h) Rigor – in management and financial statements, consistent with a thorough action and the compliance of ethical patterns.