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Fórum Cultural Cerveira (2)


The Biennial of Cerveira Foundation aims at promoting contemporary art at a national and an international level.

The Foundation has the following statutory aims to:

• Maintain the origins of the International Art Biennial of Cerveira, as well as its organization;

• Carry on with an adequate management and maintenance of the assets of the Art and Foundation Biennials;

• Promote contemporary art, through its annual programs and by cooperating with similar institutions in national and international networks;

• Establish protocols with institutions, of teaching and others, which promote artistic and cultural training;

• Develop the local and regional tourism, by attracting different visitors and encouraging artists and intellectuals to stay at the region;

• Maintain and promote the estates and the assets that the Founders may bestow to the Biennial;

• Collaborate in the development of a sustainable and strategic plan aiming at the creation of a cultural assets network among regional councils.